Driving Vision Testing

Brady Opticians are approved and registered with the Association of Optometrists Ireland to conduct the appropriate eye examinations to ensure drivers meet the visual requirements for driving.

If you wish to apply for your first provisional driving licence, you must present an eyesight report with your application. You can download the official RSA NDLS eyesight report (D502) by clicking here.

We can complete this form for you. Remember this must be signed in the presence of a registered optician or GP, and submitted with your provisional licence application.

Driving Licence Renewals

If you are renewing your driving licence, but there has been a change in your eyesight since you got your previous licence, you must go to a registered optician or GP, who can complete an eyesight report, which will state if you need glasses for driving.

Important: Your driving licence will display this information. If you are required to wear glasses for driving and do not wear them, then you will be breaking the law.

Contact Brady Opticians today on 074 9721727 to make a Driver Vision appointment.